Password Chaos

the evolution of Non-Fungible Tokens 

The internet is broken

Our passwords are lost


Familiar, Yet Different

NFTs will replace your usernames and passwords, fundamentally changing the structure of the internet.

Right now, your usernames, passwords, and personal information are stored on private servers around the world. NFTs provide a way for us to move from this "server-centric" internet to a new "user-centric" model.

The new Internet will look familiar, but you will feel the difference in your new sense of autonomy, your new ways of interacting, and your new levels of trust for other people.

Art NFTs, as you currently understand them, are just the beginning of a much bigger story.

Interactive Population Growth

Charting an evolution

The growth of Password Chaos NFTs is modeled on real population growth. We use successive Password Chaos NFT drops to introduce new ideas and new functionality. The number of NFTs issued in each drop is determined by the size of the previous drop, its time to sell out - and just a bit of organic chaos.

Extinction is Possible

Each Password Chaos drop will run for a maximum of one moon cycle (approximately four weeks). If a release does not sell out, then that will be the end of Password Chaos.


Shared Experience

Creating spaces where people can learn together

We are all waking up to the new possibilities of decentralized, distributed technologies. We are sharing in the responsibility of sense-making as we confront something unprecedented, and we are committed to doing the hard work to get there.

We invite all builders, creators, and community leaders to learn with us.

Funds raised by Password Chaos will directly fund development work at Gimbalabs. Here are some examples of our current projects:


Art, for Now

We are all in development mode, and art is where we start. Future releases of Password Chaos will provide context for:

new techniques we have learned on the way
new mechanisms for adding value for art-NFT projects
new forms of utility for unique non-art tokens
and when we’re ready, an on-chain peek into other projects at Gimbalabs