What is the

future of NFTs?

We don't know.

The logistic map is used to set the number of NFTs in each Series of Password Chaos:

xn+1 = xn * rn * (1 - xn)

The growth rate, rn, changes with each Series release, depending on fast the previous series sells out.

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What is an

NFT worth?

The price of each Password Chaos NFT changes over time

During Series 1, the cost of an NFT will decrease at a linear rate. In the future, new models will be tested. Got any experiments you want to try?

Where will rarity come from?

For now, we're looking at art

With each successive Series, some trained models will be popular and others will disappear. This playful data provides a sandbox for more impactful projects.

As Password Chaos grows, it will provide space for experiments in DAO management, identity solutions, and deeper community understanding of DeFi concepts that bring utility to the system.

Watch rarity emerge.

We'll revise this page at the completion of each Series to show what happened and share what's next.

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